Cheese Inventory

Although we introduce new cheeses on a regular and seasonal basis, we do have over 100 cheeses available year-round. Check out our standard inventory:


Abondance cow Seasonal
Appenzeller cow
Ardrahan (Neal's Yard) cow Seasonal
Asiago - Aged cow  
Asiago - Fresco cow  
Asiago - Domestic cow  
Banon (goat) goat Seasonal
Beaufort cow Seasonal
Beenleigh Blue (Neals Yard) sheep Seasonal
Berkswell - Sheep (Neals Yard) sheep Seasonal
Blue - Fourme D'Ambert cow
Blue - Great Hills cow Seasonal
Blue - Maytag cow
Blue - Pt. Reyes cow
Blue D'Auvergne (RM) cow
Blue-Crozier (Neal's Yard) sheep Seasonal
Bocconcini goat
Boscetto al tartuffo sheep/cow
Bosina/ Robiola Due Latte sheep
Brie cow
Brillat Savarin Affine cow
Brillat Savarin Fresh cow Seasonal
Brillat Savarin tartuffo cow Seasonal
Brin D'Amour sheep Seasonal
Buche Maitre Seguin goat
Burrata cow Seasonal
Butter - French cow  
Butter - Italian cow  
Cabecou Feuille w/ brandy goat
Caciocavallo - Plain cow
Caerphily (Neal's Yard) cow Seasonal
Camembert cow
Cantal cow
Caprini Cremosa w/Truffle goat Seasonal
Cashel Blue (Neals Yard) cow Seasonal
Chabichou du Poitou goat
Chabis Feuille goat Seasonal
Chablis cow Seasonal
Chaource cow
Charolais goat Seasonal
Cheddar - Cabot cow
Cheddar - Quebec cow
Cheddar "Ile of Mull" (Neal's Yard) cow Seasonal
Cheddar "Keen's" (Neals Yard) cow Seasonal
Cheddar "Montgomery's" (Neals Yard) cow Seasonal
Cheddar "Westcomb" (Neal's Yard) cow Seasonal
Cheshire "Mrs. Appleby's" (Neals Yard) cow Seasonal
Chevre D'Or goat
Chevrot, Maxi & Mini goat
Cirrus cow
Comte - Essex Street cow
Cone de Port Aubry goat Seasonal
Coolea - Irish (Neals Yard) cow Seasonal
Cougar Gold cow Seasonal
Coulommiers cow Seasonal
Cream Cheese cow  
Crème Fraiche cow  
Crottin Chavignol goat  
Cypress Grove -Purple Haze goat  
Delice de Bourgogne cow  
Durrus (Neals Yard) cow Seasonal
Emmenthaler cow  
Emmenthaler - Switzerland (raw) cow  
Epoisses de Bourgogne cow  
Explorateur Maxi & Mini cow Seasonal
Feta - French goat
Feta - Greek sheep
Fiore Sardo sheep
Fleur du Maquis sheep Seasonal
Fontina - Italian (Fontal) cow
Fontina - Val d'Aosta cow
Fougerus cow Seasonal
Fromage Clarins cow Seasonal
Fromage D'Affinois cow  
Fromage De Meaux cow  
Gabietou goat
Garrotxa sheep
Garrotxa goat
Goat logs / Montrachet goat
Gorganzola - Dolce cow
Gorganzola - Mountain cow
Gorganzola Torte cow Seasonal
Gouda cow
Gouda - Smoked cow
Gouda - Aged cow
Gouda - goat goat
Gouda - Spiced Leyden cow
Grain D'Orge w/Calvados cow Seasonal
Grana Padano cow
Grand Old Man sheep Seasonal
Grand Pont l'Eveque cow
Gruyere - Cave Aged cow
Gruyere - Swiss Reserve cow
Gruyere du Jura (Mons) cow Seasonal
Gubbeen (Neals Yard) cow Seasonal
Halloumi sheep Seasonal
Harbourne Blue (Neals Yard) goat Seasonal
Havarti - Creamy cow  
Humboldt Fog Tomme goat  
Idiziabal sheep  
Jack - Dry (Vella) cow  
Jack - Monterey cow  
Jarlsberg cow  
Kasseri - Imported sheep  
L'Ami du Chambertain cow Seasonal
L'Edel de Cleron Maxi & Mini cow Seasonal
Lancashire "Kirkhams" (Neals Yard) cow Seasonal
Le Lingot de Quercy goat Seasonal
Lincolnshire Poacher (Neal's Yard) cow Seasonal
Livarot cow Seasonal