Cheese & Deli

One of the first in Seattle to sell artisan and traditional cheeses from around the world, we at DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine pride ourselves on having the most complete selection of cheese anywhere. With over 250 cheeses offered, customers are sure to find what they are looking for or what they have enjoyed abroad. And we're happy to sample any of our weighed cheeses. The cheese counter is the busiest place in the store, ensuring fresh, accurately ripened cheese is always available. Cheeses are not pre-cut and wrapped at DeLaurenti. Instead, each cheese is cut and weighed on demand. Every customer receives exactly what they want - a guarantee of quality.

Although we introduce new cheeses on a regular and seasonal basis, we do have over 100 cheeses available year-round. Check out our list of cheeses.

Feel free to browse our "Cheese and Deli" related news for the latest arrivals.

Visiting Kurt Timmermeister at his farm
As we approach our 6th Annual Seattle Cheese Festival, we thought we'd relay a pleasurable experience and perk of our fabulous jobs here at DeLaurenti. A few of the crew spent the day visiting Kurt Timmermeister at his farm on Vashon Island recently. Josef Olsen, who works in our Deli, wrote this travel log of their adventure. The pictures are courtesy of Ashley Kestler - another Deli staff member.